transmediale and CTM's Vorspiel is a program of distributed partner events in the field of digital art and culture and experimental sound and music, where a variety of partner venues invite local and international audiences to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks and special events across the city of Berlin.

A citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals.

Image Credit: Andrés Nieto Porras



27.03.21 00:00 to
25.06.21 00:00
Format: exhibition
synthesis gallery and Pylon Lab present RECOLLECTING FUTURES: a digital exhibition of works by three artists. The exhibition will go live on Mozilla Hubs March 27, 2021 and run through June 25, 2021. ...



27.02.21 15:00 to
27.02.21 16:30
Format: hybridEvent
ABA (AiR Berlin Alexanderplatz) e.V. / at UQBAR
ABA_SALON#77 RHONA MÜHLEBACH________PRESENTATION OF “EXCITEMENT IS NOT PART OF MY FEELING REPERTOIRE”_________SATURDAY, 27. FEBRUARY 2021, 3 P.M. (CET)_________Via Telegram-Chat-Group – with registration only_______REGISTER HERE: https://airberlinalexanderplatz.de/event/482gHzG43f5zlFgeSpsE _______RhonaMühlebach______-“Excitement is not part of my feeling repertoire”_____audio work____2021_____The artistic practice of Rhona Mühlebach is characterized by the interplay of facts and fiction. During her residency at ABA Rhona Mühlebach started to work on the script for a new video piece that draws broadly from two conceptual areas: extinction and the history of emotions. She is interested in the extinction process and the myths that arise from it. The history of emotions is a field of research that considers the evolution of human emotions; how emotions have developed over time and how our relationship to emotions has transformed._______ In “Excitement is not part of my feeling repertoire” Rhona Mühlebach invites you to a walk through a forest or park close to your current location. You will be taken on a journey through the past, present and future, following the artists stream of consciousness and different protagonists throughout the audio piece. The audio work is set in the woods and a cave within the woods, ideal stages for this speculative fiction. The project will play with the mythical connotations of the forest and of caves, the way in which time may move differently underground: without light for direction, and the cave as a representation of shelter – a place to hide._____ »Ich bleibe auf meinem Hochsitz.Wir sind am Aussterben. Wir sollten uns mit dem Wildschwein zusammentun, um zu überleben. Das meine ich wortwörtlich: halb Mensch, halb Wildschwein. Oder drei Viertel Wildschwein und ein Viertel Mensch. Oder auch 98% Prozent Wildschwein und 2% Mensch. […] Ratten, Bakterien oder Pilze sind ja momentan auch sehr gut mit dem Überleben aber um uns mit diesen Spezies zu vereinen, sind wir nicht genug fortgeschritten, technisch meine ich. But it’s possible with the boar? Ja, kein Problem. Ich denke, wir müssen uns wie die Neandertaler damals verhalten. Die haben sich ja auch mit uns zusammengetan, damit sie überleben konnten. Wir haben sie vor dem Aussterben gerettet. Zumindest ihre Essenz konnte überleben. Do you think 2% of a being contains its essence? „Die Neandertaler als Vorbild des alternativen Überlebens.”, so nenne ich das. We can learn so much from prehistory.« _________The Salon will take place via a Telegram-Chat-Group. You will go for a walk in a forest or park nearby starting at 3 p.m. on Saturday 27. February 2021. You’ll need to take your phone and headphones with you on your walk. Via the Telegram-Chat-Group you will receive different audio pieces for about one hour. We invite you to listen to them wherever you are outside in a park or in the woods. If you like you are welcome to share a picture of your location in the group or exchange ideas respectively. The artist will be present and happy to chat with you. After the event you will receive a limited edition postcard by the artist via air mail. The Telegram-Chat-Group will be deleted after the event. The Salon is in English and German.__________Please register with you Telegram-Name and/or telephone number. Please state your postal address if you would like to receive a limited edition postcard by the artist.__REGISTER HERE: https://airberlinalexanderplatz.de/event/482gHzG43f5zlFgeSpsE