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Opening: Nonhuman Subjectivities: Under-Mine

25.02.2017 20:00

Vernissage of the exhibition "Nonhuman Subjectivities: Under-Mine" by Alinta Krauth.

Alinta Krauth works as a multidisciplinary digital artist, focusing interactive art, sound art, art games, generative art, physical computing, and their constructive crosslinks. Using interactive games to tell stories she makes use of science to speculate on the cognitive ability of animals. 'Under-Mine' is a generative game, with similarities to glitch animations, into which text fragments are woven. It is both an interactive installation and a digital text piece. Visitors can choose to 'play' one of five animals, each of whom act out a story in their own unique form, based on the animal's own cognition and perception. The viewer determines the direction of the gaming, slowly becoming immersed in the animal-avatars perceptualweb

With: Alinta Krauth
Admission: free

Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin