Vorspiel 2023

A citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals




The Vorspiel Collection brings together artworks, films, photo-essays, texts, graphs, images, podcasts, sound experiments, and more.

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Find some impressions of the 2022 opening here.


Our famous interview Staffette has returned! Watch this year's edition featuring a few of the participating spaces of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. The 2022 edition marks the 11th anniversary of our initiative and aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Berlin's independent project spaces and artist initiatives.

A look behind the Shared Frame streamed event for Vorspiel 2021 (pandemic edition).


How we got there and how important it was for Panke.

Essay Artwork

Postcards from the Metaverse speculates on the value of the popular 20th century medium – the postcard – in providing accessible and underrepresented perspectives on a newly- hyped infrastructure


Former transmediale artistic director Kristoffer Gansing applies a bit of home-grown numerology to reminisce about the secrets of Vorspiel!


The reSource network has been an extremely valuable resource in the process of establishing and running SPEKTRUM Berlin. It allowed us to connect with like-minded people in the city, to start up new collaborations, and to learn from those facing similar issues in running project spaces.


The essay summarizes the Czech-Brazilian cultural theorist and media philosopher Vilém Flusser’s ideas on the apparatus, codes, and programmed and manipulated society. He ends his texts by highlighting the importance of artists who might be able to play with and against the apparatus and challenge mass media and their preprogrammed functions.


From 2011 to 2014, Tatiana Bazzichelli and a team of others designed a sprawling event program called “reSource transmedial culture Berlin,” which picked up on transmediale-related projects and flung them far further.


Since 2013 designtransfer – the gallery and communicates interface of the Faculty of Design, Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) and the public – participates yearly at Vorspiel to present various projects as exhibitions, installations, and talks related to their New Media & Design courses.


Watch a digital interview Staffette with some of the participating spaces of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. The 2021 edition marks the 10th anniversary of our initiative and aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Berlin's independent project spaces and artist initiatives in collaboration with transmediale.

























Fri, 20.01.
18:00, silent green Installation

18:00, silent green Exhibition, Installation, Vernissage

18:00, Bäumchen wechsle Dich - Change the tree Installation

18:00, silent green Exhibition, Performance, Vernissage

18:30, silent green Installation

18:30, silent green Vernissage

21:30, Panke e.V.

Sat, 21.01.
17:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

17:00, Halfsister Installation

19:00, Anagram Space

20:00, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin Concert

/rosa Exhibition, Installation

Alte Münze Berlin Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Vernissage

Sun, 22.01.
13:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

14:00 Exhibition, Lecture

15:00, Halfsister Installation

18:00, Anagram Space

Mon, 23.01.
19:00, Field Conspiracy w/ Etikett Radio Workshop

Tue, 24.01.
18:30, The Lighthouse of Digital Art Installation

19:00, Anagram Space

Wed, 25.01.
14:00, Re:mise Performance, Workshop

15:00, RawCC Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Vernissage, Finissage

20:30 Concert, Performance

Thu, 26.01.
16:00, SóLaura Studio Performance, Workshop

19:00, ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics Exhibition, Installation

19:00, Vilém Flusser Archive Performance

Urban Spree Concert, Performance

Fri, 27.01.
06:00, Lobe Block Exhibition, Concert

17:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

19:00, Alte Münze Berlin Concert, Performance, Installation

20:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Exhibition

SoundsAbout Exhibition, Performance, Installation

Sat, 28.01.

13:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

14:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Exhibition

19:00, Hošek Contemporary Concert, Performance

Sun, 29.01.
13:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

14:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Exhibition

Tue, 31.01.
12:00, Archipel Stations / Radio Otherwise Hybrid Event

Wed, 01.02.
19:00, einBuch.haus Installation

19:00, Anagram Space

19:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

19:00, alpha nova & galerie futura Performance, Online Event, Lecture

20:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

AL.Berlin Exhibition, Performance, DJ set, Installation

Thu, 02.02.

16:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

16:00, Hyper Berlin Exhibition, DJ set, Installation

18:00, synthesis gallery Vernissage

18:30 Concert, Vernissage

19:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

19:30, Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen Performance

20:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

20:00, Ballhaus Prinzenallee Performance

synthesis gallery Exhibition

Fri, 03.02.

16:00, Hyper Berlin Exhibition, DJ set, Installation

18:30 Concert, Vernissage

19:00, Anagram Space

19:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

20:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

Society for Nontrivial Pursuits Exhibition, Concert, Performance, Installation

Liebig12 Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Hybrid Event, Lecture

CTRL.XX.TENSION @SO36 Concert, Performance, DJ set

Sat, 04.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

14:00, Field Conspiracy w/ Etikett Radio Performance

16:00, Hyper Berlin Exhibition, DJ set, Installation

17:00, einBuch.haus Performance

19:00, Insola Berlin Performance, Installation

Mensch Meier // club and culture house Exhibition, Performance, DJ set, Hybrid Event

Sun, 05.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

14:00, synthesis gallery Finissage

Tue, 07.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Wed, 08.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Thu, 09.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Fri, 10.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Sat, 11.02.
16:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage



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BasTa! Duo / Amélie Legrand

19:00 –
Anagram Space

03/02/2323 doors 19h00, 1st set 19h30 -- limited space, come on time!

BasTa! Duo https:// soundcloud.com/alexisbaskindmusic/basta-lamento https:// soundcloud.com/alexisbaskindmusic/basta-is-not-wheel

https:// soundcloud.com/alexisbaskindmusic https:// alexisbaskind.net https:// soundcloud.com/caroline-c-tallone-k-li https:// www. facebook.com/KLI.caroline.cecilia.tallone/ https:// vimeo.com/user20370814

Amélie Legrand https:// amelielegrand.jimdo.com


BasTa! is not drone. BasTa! is not hurdy-gurdy. BasTa! is not electronic music. BasTa! is not unplugged. BasTa! is not fancy. BasTa! is not a capella. BasTa! is not a game. BasTa! is not a revolutionary social movement. BasTa! is not a non-profit organization. BasTa! is not Pasta. BasTa! is not slow-food. BasTa! is not RGNTDJÛ. BasTa! is not genug. BasTa! is not das Ende. BasTa! is not an insult. BasTa! is a Mischling.

Alexis Baskind

Alexis Baskind, born in France, living in Berlin, is a double bass player, music producer and sound engineer. He regularly participates in studio productions as well as music, dance and theatre projects based on electronic music and acoustic instruments, playing with and without electricity.

Alexis Baskind, in Frankreich geboren, wohnhaft in Berlin, ist Kontrabassist, Musikproduzent und Klang Regisseur. Er nimmt regelmäßig an Studioproduktionen sowie Musik-, Tanz- und Theaterprojekten teil, die auf elektronischer Musik und akustischen Instrumenten basieren, und spielt mit und ohne Strom.

Caroline Tallone

Born in Switzerland, she lives in Berlin and has been working as a musician and violin maker since 2014. Living in Cremona and Milan, she worked and performed throughout Europe with various Italian ensembles, orchestras and singer-songwriters. With a background in classical, early and folk music, she now works with experimental, electroacoustic and improvised music. She has performed as a musician and performer at various concerts, festivals for experimental music, electronic improv/noise music festivals and theatres in Milan, Oslo, Berlin, Zurich, Leipzig and Munich. She has participated in artistic residencies in Germany, Lithuania and Switzerland and collaborates with many musicians and performers of the Berlin and international scene. She is involved in various research projects and has recorded several CDs and audiovisual works.

Geboren in der Schweiz lebt sie in Berlin und arbeitet als Musikerin und Geigenbauerin seit 2014. Als sie in Cremona und Mailand lebte, arbeitete und spielte sie in ganz Europa mit verschiedenen italienischen Ensembles, Orchestern und Singer-Songwritern. Mit einem Hintergrund in klassischer, alter und volkstümlicher Musik beschäftigt sie sich jetzt mit experimenteller, elektroakustischer und improvisierter Musik. Sie ist als Musikerin und als Performerin auf verschiedenen Konzerten, Festivals für experimentelle Musik, elektronischen Impro/Noise Musik Festivals und in Theatern, in Mailand, Oslo, Berlin, Zürich, Leipzig und München aufgetreten. Sie hat an künstlerischen Residenzen in Deutschland, Litauen und der Schweiz teilgenommen und arbeitet mit vielen Musikern und Performern der Berliner und internationalen Szene zusammen. Sie ist an unterschiedlichen Forschungsprojekten beteiligt und hat mehrere CDs und audiovisuelle Werke aufgenommen.


Amélie Legrand

Amélie Legrand is a French cellist and composer. She is active within many different musical scenes, including free improvisation, noise, rock experimental and film score composition. She is dedicated to exploring the cello to its fullest potential and collaborating with various performers and artists. She will perform a solo set working with cello and electronics building a trance emo-noise landscape.

Amélie Legrand ist eine französische Cellistin und Komponistin. Sie ist in vielen verschiedenen Musikszenen aktiv, darunter freie Improvisation, Noise, Rock-Experimental- und Filmmusikkomposition. Sie widmet sich der Erforschung des Cellos in vollem Umfang und arbeitet mit verschiedenen Interpreten und Künstlern zusammen. Sie wird ein Solo-Set aufführen, das mit Cello und Elektronik arbeitet und eine Trance-Emo-Noise-Landschaft aufbaut.

-- Part of CTM Vorspiel 2023

Anagram Space Elbestr. 28-29 Hinterhof 12045 Berlin

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