Vorspiel 2023

A citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals




The Vorspiel Collection brings together artworks, films, photo-essays, texts, graphs, images, podcasts, sound experiments, and more.

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Find some impressions of the 2022 opening here.


Our famous interview Staffette has returned! Watch this year's edition featuring a few of the participating spaces of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. The 2022 edition marks the 11th anniversary of our initiative and aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Berlin's independent project spaces and artist initiatives.

A look behind the Shared Frame streamed event for Vorspiel 2021 (pandemic edition).


How we got there and how important it was for Panke.

Essay Artwork

Postcards from the Metaverse speculates on the value of the popular 20th century medium – the postcard – in providing accessible and underrepresented perspectives on a newly- hyped infrastructure


Former transmediale artistic director Kristoffer Gansing applies a bit of home-grown numerology to reminisce about the secrets of Vorspiel!


The reSource network has been an extremely valuable resource in the process of establishing and running SPEKTRUM Berlin. It allowed us to connect with like-minded people in the city, to start up new collaborations, and to learn from those facing similar issues in running project spaces.


The essay summarizes the Czech-Brazilian cultural theorist and media philosopher Vilém Flusser’s ideas on the apparatus, codes, and programmed and manipulated society. He ends his texts by highlighting the importance of artists who might be able to play with and against the apparatus and challenge mass media and their preprogrammed functions.


From 2011 to 2014, Tatiana Bazzichelli and a team of others designed a sprawling event program called “reSource transmedial culture Berlin,” which picked up on transmediale-related projects and flung them far further.


Since 2013 designtransfer – the gallery and communicates interface of the Faculty of Design, Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) and the public – participates yearly at Vorspiel to present various projects as exhibitions, installations, and talks related to their New Media & Design courses.


Watch a digital interview Staffette with some of the participating spaces of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. The 2021 edition marks the 10th anniversary of our initiative and aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Berlin's independent project spaces and artist initiatives in collaboration with transmediale.

























Fri, 20.01.
18:00, silent green Installation

18:00, silent green Exhibition, Installation, Vernissage

18:00, Bäumchen wechsle Dich - Change the tree Installation

18:00, silent green Exhibition, Performance, Vernissage

18:30, silent green Installation

18:30, silent green Vernissage

21:30, Panke e.V.

Sat, 21.01.
17:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

17:00, Halfsister Installation

19:00, Anagram Space

20:00, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin Concert

/rosa Exhibition, Installation

Alte Münze Berlin Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Vernissage

Sun, 22.01.
13:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

14:00 Exhibition, Lecture

15:00, Halfsister Installation

18:00, Anagram Space

Mon, 23.01.
19:00, Field Conspiracy w/ Etikett Radio Workshop

Tue, 24.01.
18:30, The Lighthouse of Digital Art Installation

19:00, Anagram Space

Wed, 25.01.
14:00, Re:mise Performance, Workshop

15:00, RawCC Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Vernissage, Finissage

20:30 Concert, Performance

Thu, 26.01.
16:00, SóLaura Studio Performance, Workshop

19:00, ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics Exhibition, Installation

19:00, Vilém Flusser Archive Performance

Urban Spree Concert, Performance

Fri, 27.01.
06:00, Lobe Block Exhibition, Concert

17:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

19:00, Alte Münze Berlin Concert, Performance, Installation

20:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Exhibition

SoundsAbout Exhibition, Performance, Installation

Sat, 28.01.

13:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

14:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Exhibition

19:00, Hošek Contemporary Concert, Performance

Sun, 29.01.
13:00, DZIALDOV x I'M DADDY Exhibition

14:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Exhibition

Tue, 31.01.
12:00, Archipel Stations / Radio Otherwise Hybrid Event

Wed, 01.02.
19:00, einBuch.haus Installation

19:00, Anagram Space

19:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

19:00, alpha nova & galerie futura Performance, Online Event, Lecture

20:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

AL.Berlin Exhibition, Performance, DJ set, Installation

Thu, 02.02.

16:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

16:00, Hyper Berlin Exhibition, DJ set, Installation

18:00, synthesis gallery Vernissage

18:30 Concert, Vernissage

19:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

19:30, Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen Performance

20:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

20:00, Ballhaus Prinzenallee Performance

synthesis gallery Exhibition

Fri, 03.02.

16:00, Hyper Berlin Exhibition, DJ set, Installation

18:30 Concert, Vernissage

19:00, Anagram Space

19:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

20:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation

Society for Nontrivial Pursuits Exhibition, Concert, Performance, Installation

Liebig12 Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Hybrid Event, Lecture

CTRL.XX.TENSION @SO36 Concert, Performance, DJ set

Sat, 04.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

14:00, Field Conspiracy w/ Etikett Radio Performance

16:00, Hyper Berlin Exhibition, DJ set, Installation

17:00, einBuch.haus Performance

19:00, Insola Berlin Performance, Installation

Mensch Meier // club and culture house Exhibition, Performance, DJ set, Hybrid Event

Sun, 05.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

14:00, synthesis gallery Finissage

Tue, 07.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Wed, 08.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Thu, 09.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Fri, 10.02.
13:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage

Sat, 11.02.
16:00 Exhibition, Concert, Vernissage



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Events Performance, Workshop

Club Futures @ Re:mise

14:00 –

Club Futures @ Re:mise Performance & Workshop Date: 25-01-2023, 14.00-18.00+

Participation: We are booked full, participation is not anymore possible.

Club Futures @ Re:mise is organised by Hybrid Space Lab and Clubcommission Berlin.

Club Futures is an international laboratory with the aim of developing new future oriented perspectives for the club and cultural scene.

It is undeniable that club-going is a significant cultural practice of our time and Berlin has earned a reputation as a pioneer of related experiments and developments.

A group of visionaries and networkers is initiating an ideation and concept development project, inviting the clubbing and cultural scene to participate. In addition to developing innovative ideas and concepts, the program aims to initiate collaborations between clubs, cultural professionals, the creative and tech industries, as well as science and art, in order to foster sustainable and inclusive clubbing practices.

Representatives from the Berlin and international clubbing scene meet with experts, visionaries, and creatives from various fields in a series of workshops and events.


Remco Schuurbiers, Artistic Director, Managing Director CTM Festival, Berlin


Flint Neiber, Director club Re:mise, Berlin Lutz Leichsenring, Press Officer Clubcommission Berlin, Partner VibeLab, Berlin

Introduction Lecture & Moderation

Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi, Prof. Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab


Blinera Berisha, Member Zentrum Raum e.V., Berlin Linda Dudacy, Curator & Program Director NEW NOW – Festival for Digital Arts, Berlin Huong Tra Duong, Free Open Air Initiative at Clubcommission Berlin e.V., Berlin Manuel Ehlers, Head of Sustainable Property, Triodos Bank, Berlin Aliata Fana, Costume Designer, Berlin Edmundo Galindo, Research Associate CityLAB Berlin, Ideation & Prototyping Lab, Technologiestiftung Berlin, Berlin Florian Gemmrich, Director of Community, Fotografiska Berlin, Berlin Thor Hagedorn, Co-Founder of Diasporic Arts Alliance, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Berlin Music Commission, Co-Founder of W3b Lab Berlin, Rapper, Singer, Producer, DJ, Eventmanager, Berlin Felix Hahn, Conceptual Designer and Owner of Communications Agency Fluct, Berlin Elias Hermann, Board of Directors, Zentrum Raum e.V., Berlin Peggy Hochstätter, Deputy Chairwoman SPD Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg District Assembly (BVV), Berlin Yann-Olivier Kersaint, Geographer, Stiftung für Kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung: Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis, Berlin Laurine Irmer, Board of Directors, Zentrum Raum e.V., Berlin Philipp Kahn, Curator, AI Researcher, Berlin Leo Katlwasser, Group Patashnik, Berlin Anne Kruse, Regional and Urban Planner, Research Associate CityLAB Berlin, Technologiestiftung Berlin, Berlin Gregor Kusche, Management Klunkerkranich, Berlin Samantha Laguna, Group Patashnik, Berlin Lutz Leichsenring, Press Officer Clubcommission Berlin, Partner VibeLab, Berlin Jacob McPherson, Creative Director and Founder, Cement Creative, Berlin Prof. Dr. Caroline Nevejan, Chief Science Officer, City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Ottavio Paponetti, Architect, Berlin Daniel Plasch, Board Member Clubcommission Berlin, Managing Director RSO.BERLIN, Berlin Jette Schwärmer, Projectmanager, Clubcommission Berlin e.V., Berlin Robin Schellenberg, Board Member Clubcommission Berlin e.V., Co- Founder Klunkerkranich, Board Member United We Stream, Berlin Julia Sohl, Board of Directors, Zentrum Raum e.V., Berlin Pia Steinhardt, Interior Designer, Founder pinkful, Berlin Geoffrey Vasseur, Business Management, Spreekultur GmbH, Initiative Musik GmbH, Berlin Marlen Voigt, Zirkus Mond, Berlin Isabelle Vuong, Designer, Facilitator of Foresight Processes, Art Curator, Lausanne, Zurich, Berlin Valentin Wedde, Group Patashnik, Berlin Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Creative Technologist & Disruptive Memetician, Berlin

Club Futures @ Re:mise explores the yet to be unlocked potential of unused mobility spaces in Berlin to develop concepts for new cultural spaces and to envision new typologies and patterns for a culture-powered sustainable urban development.

Club Futures @ Re:mise investigates how no-longer used spaces of the mobility infrastructure can be integrated to create high-quality cultural unthought-of, discovery-filled urban spaces.

Overlooked and forgotten places, currently blind spots in the city atlas, are to be brought into public awareness, reclaiming a new spotlight. This goes together with developing transport spaces multifunctionally, socially, and culturally for the benefit of all - also to counteract the disadvantages of functionally separated and fragmented urban structures.

At a time when inner-city cultural spaces undergo enormous pressure, it is important to also foster culturally active and resilient places on the outskirts of the city. Therefore, not only spaces in the city center but also spaces outside the S-Bahn ring that are well connected by public transport, are to be considered. As such, the project focuses on Berlin's environmentally friendly rail network with its radial and ring structure, which has been - and should remain - the basis for the city's development.

Club Futures @ Re:mise outlines ideas for cultural acupuncture as catalysts for culture-based urban development. With the claim of a cultural (re)appropriation of public space, such catalysts aim to further develop mobility infrastructures as lived community spaces and cultural places of encounter and exchange. With the goal to imagine space provision for the different cultural needs of the diverse urban society, and to formulate concepts for innovative environmentally friendly cultural projects, the workshop develops visions for cultural spaces of possibility for a new urbanity.

Various qualitative typologies of mobility spaces are considered: no longer in use office buildings, locomotive sheds, workshops, warehouses, spaces under elevated railway viaducts, unused tunnels and underground stations, compensation areas, retention spaces and others.

Club Futures @ Re:mise engages and activates a broad range of ideas, inviting radical cultural repurposing of such unused spaces. For example, the workshop could explore the possibilities of culture-filled wagons moving along disused train tracks, interacting in manifold ways with the neighborhood they stop by at – be they in the form of travelling exhibitions, wandering clubs, artists workshops or live music sets… Ideas are to be developed on how remotely viewed and accessed digital tools can help blurring divisions between local and global audiences as well as culture creators and how such cultural use could go hand in hand with the ecological upgrading of spaces.

Club Futures @ Re:mise speculates on the potential of technologies such as VR or AR, for example, for reviving lost music venues and spaces in former mobility spaces such unused underground stations or depots. At the same time, Club Futures @ Re:mise explores process-oriented methods, such as temporary cultural projects and Field Labs or Digital Twins, which investigate experimental forms of the production of coexistence.

As pioneering settings to further develop the city culturally, and to protect Berlin’s long-lasting and flourishing cultural landscape, the workshop aims at envisioning spaces of cultural reclaim - integrating cultural performances as natural sequences in the flow of urban mobility.

Animal Club was the initiating first event of Club Futures.

VibeLab and Hybrid Space Lab invited experts of the tech industry, ecology and urban development, investors as well as nightlife stakeholders for Club Futures first workshop Animal Club which was held during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) at SEXYLAND World in Amsterdam on 20th October 2022 from 16.00-24.00.

Animal Club investigated the future of clubbing at the crossroads of technological innovation and the pressing urgency of biodiversity loss. It focused on sustainable future club cultures, fostering and stewarding interspecies co-existence.

What will club spaces look like when they are designed as interspecies habitats for human, plant, and animal life? And how will the ongoing digital transformation be exploited for new artistic practices in interspecies clubs which allows humans to notice and co-create with more-than-human life?

Animal Club created spaces of radical imagination. We explored how technology and creative practice can help clubs to assimilate within their neighborhood and biosphere, and how this will give birth to new forms of pleasure.

Re:mise, Köpenicker Strasse 18, 10997 Berlin

Re:mise Köpenickerstr 18 10997 Berlin

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