transmediale and CTM's Vorspiel is a program of distributed partner events in the field of digital art and culture and experimental sound and music, where a variety of partner venues invite local and international audiences to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks and special events across the city of Berlin.

A citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals.

Image Credit: Andrés Nieto Porras


15.01.21 17:00 to
1.03.21 17:00
ZWEI ~ who's out there? w Cru Encarnação & Selma Lindgren
Format: artistPresentation
ZWEI’s theme this year is “who’s out there?”. The theme derived from the worldwide sensation of isolation due to the pandemic. The first lock down opened up questions, which we are now having to addre...
26.01.21 00:00 to
31.03.21 23:45
Format: artistPresentation
Nuño de la Serna present a series of film interviews that reflect a momentary snapshot in the life of Lacuna Lab and its members. These interviews take a record of the artworks presented by the member...
8.02.21 00:00 to
28.03.21 00:00
ABA Air Salon with Rhona Mühlebach
Format: artistPresentation
ABA AIR SALON WITH RHONA MÜHLEBACH -------------------------- WE ARE GLAD TO MAKE THE AUDIO WORK AVAILABLE AGAIN DURING VORSPIEL 2021 VIA THE ABA WEBSITE: https://airberlinalexanderplatz.de/event/Nptt...
9.02.21 00:00 to
28.03.21 00:00
ABA Air Salon with Andrés Villa Torres
Format: artistPresentation
25.02.21 19:00 to
28.02.21 23:00
K(not) a Conversation – Communication through knots and AI systems
Format: hybridEvent
K(not) a Conversation is an installation exploring the concepts of artificial intelligence, creativity and labour. Inspired by ancient indigenous communication systems of Quipu knots, it instigates a ...
25.02.21 20:00 to
26.02.21 19:59
Variations on The Fear of Disappearing x FEELINGS
Format: performance
synthesis gallery presents Variations on the Fear of Disappearing, a durational sound installation featuring words and works by four poets: Bill Lessard, Nadia de Vries, Carlos Lara, and Cat Tyc. Cura...
26.02.21 18:30 to
26.02.21 19:30
3P'Group: Air Opera – a breathing dystopia
Format: screening
A breathing dystopia or the sonification of social distancing Masks have been present in our species history since a long time ago. First as an aesthetic symbol that inflicts respect and fear, evolvin...
27.02.21 15:00 to
27.02.21 16:30
Format: hybridEvent
ABA_SALON#77 RHONA MÜHLEBACH________PRESENTATION OF “EXCITEMENT IS NOT PART OF MY FEELING REPERTOIRE”_________SATURDAY, 27. FEBRUARY 2021, 3 P.M. (CET)_________Via Telegram-Chat-Group – with registrat...
27.02.21 21:00 to
28.02.21 01:00
Bopp Kogn #11
Format: onlineEvent
Bopp Kogn celebrates Panke Culture 10 Years Birthday 🙂 Let's meet again online, Chat, Connect and enjoy good music... 1LOV LINE UP: *MAL ELEVE *DERRON & FLASH TARZAN *DAYBEE DEE *DJ O *SORAH & INTARE...
5.03.21 18:30 to
5.03.21 19:15
EKHEO: Voyage Voyage
Format: performance
“Voyage Voyage” is a personal journey into the hidden parts of oneself. Based on C.G. Jung's theories, we use the performance’ space as a metaphor of the human’s psyche. In this work one can access th...
9.03.21 18:00 to
9.03.21 19:30
Panel Discussion: What is the nature of psychiatric auditory experience?
Format: panel
“Listening to the world is not an innate, universal capacity, the logical result of ears encountering sound waves. Rather, it is something we learn how to do, and we learn how to listen in an environm...
12.03.21 18:30 to
12.03.21 19:30
Chung Tat Sham & Hou Lam Wu: "Robots", an online collective decision making sound experience
Format: performance
Are we capable of driving the democracy vehicle? Robots is an online sound experience, in which discussions and decision-making among participants shall influence the course of the experience. We shal...
30.03.21 18:00 to
30.03.21 19:30
MELT (Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr): Heating Matters / Change Flux // Video Screening & Writing Workshop
Format: onlineEvent
///// The participation is free. Please register via mail@alpha-nova-kulturwerkstatt.de to receive the zoom link /////// Heating Matters/Change Flux is a video work that unlocks metaphors of melting i...


15.01.21 00:00 to
31.03.21 23:45
Scattered Partners
Format: exhibition
In the midst of the global pandemic caused by covid-19, and due to the lockdown conditions, Lacuna Lab proposes an entirely digital program. ////// Artists: Nuño de la Serna, Nayeli Vega Vargas, Sarah...
15.01.21 00:00 to
28.02.21 00:00
Format: exhibition
synthesis gallery presents FEELINGS, a digital exhibition of works by six artists. Curated by Jeffrey Grunthaner and George Vitale, the exhibition is now on Mozilla Hubs and will run through February ...
15.01.21 16:30 to
21.03.21 01:00
Liebig12 Covid19 Diaries: window interface #8 & itinerant interlude #8
Format: exhibition
window interface#8 is the 8th window intervention presented at Liebig12 since the start of the lockdown in march 2020. Jana Linke presents REPETITIVE DIFFERENTIAL a site specific and in progress insta...
16.01.21 16:00 to
31.03.21 23:30
router.gallery: Advance - Stay put / idle, works by Lauren Lee McCarthy
Format: exhibition
The artworks are distributed by the router through its local network with no Internet connection, accessible at the local site around and in front of panke.gallery only. The exhibition will continue u...
22.01.21 00:00 to
21.03.21 21:00
Open Sesame - A Photophobic Experiment
Format: exhibition
»Open Sesame: A Photophobic Experiment« invites six artists - all of whom of BIPOC, queer and/or trans* experience - to display mixed-media installations that intrinsically and critically react to the...
22.01.21 10:00 to
28.02.21 18:00
Format: exhibition
designtransfer features in the outside showcase Einsteinufer 43, UdK Berlin the installation "Engaging with e-static textiles" by Ramyah Gowrishankar in the outside showcase UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 4...
11.02.21 13:00 to
27.02.21 17:00
SEL2020HEL Diary
Format: exhibition
The artist book, and exhibition, SEL2020HEL Diary chronicles the year 2020. Documenting the making of a yearlong series of date paintings in which the daily air quality readings of Helsinki and Seoul ...
12.02.21 13:00 to
27.02.21 18:00
Spaces of Faux Intimacies: Act One
Format: exhibition
Artists: Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Marija Bozinovska Jones, Lou Drago, Farah Hazim, Jessika Khazrik, Claire Tolan, Visiting hours: Thursday - Friday from 2 to 6pm, Saturday & Sunday from 12 to 4pm Reuterstr....
28.02.21 16:00 to
26.03.21 18:00
Cluster#14: I miei ricordi sono più duri delle rocce / Alessandro Massobrio and Valentina Besegher audiovideo / solo exhibition
Format: exhibition
Alessandro Massobrio is a new music composer, electronic musician and guitarist. Valentina Besegher is an avant-garde filmmaker, live video performer and visual artist. They collaborate since 2002, ha...


Julia Lübbecke: Slight Discomfort 2 // Performative Video Lecture

17.02.21 19:00 to
17.02.21 20:30
Format: onlineEvent
alpha nova & galerie futura
Please register via mail@alpha-nova-kulturwerkstatt.de to receive the zoom link ///// Slight Discomfort 2 is the extension of a video lecture by Julia Lübbecke from 2016/2017, which, based on theorists such as Angela McRobbie or bell hooks, dealt with #womanwhowork, Beyoncé and the representatives of a supposed 4th Wave Feminism. It was dedicated to bodies that circulate between the online and offline spheres. In the second part, the question of the bodies to come and the spaces that can make them possible is posed. An in-between that opens up wherever categories are subverted, denied and unlearned. //// www.julialuebbecke.com //// This event is part of our ongoing series [Digital] Feminist Present Futures and takes part in the realm of transmediale und CTM’s Vorspiel.