transmediale and CTM's Vorspiel is a program of distributed partner events in the field of digital art and culture and experimental sound and music, where a variety of partner venues invite local and international audiences to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks and special events across the city of Berlin.

A citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals.

Image Credit: Andrés Nieto Porras



27.03.21 00:00 to
25.06.21 00:00
Format: exhibition
synthesis gallery and Pylon Lab present RECOLLECTING FUTURES: a digital exhibition of works by three artists. The exhibition will go live on Mozilla Hubs March 27, 2021 and run through June 25, 2021. ...


Scattered Partners

15.01.21 00:00 to
31.03.21 23:45
Format: exhibition
Lacuna Lab
In the midst of the global pandemic caused by covid-19, and due to the lockdown conditions, Lacuna Lab proposes an entirely digital program. ////// Artists: Nuño de la Serna, Nayeli Vega Vargas, Sarah Hermanutz, Thomas Heidtmann, Paul Wiersbinski, Fara Peluso, Martín Nadal, Ambika Joshi ////// ////// January 12 am to 31 March 11 pm | Nuño de la Serna | Snapshot | Nuño de la Serna present a series of film interviews that reflect a momentary snapshot in the life of Lacuna Lab and its members. These interviews take a record of the artworks presented by the members during Vorspiel along with their individual backgrounds, influences, and points of view. | More info: https://lacunalab.org/events/snapshot ////// 29 January 7 pm to 29 January 8 pm | Paul Wiersbiski | Remote Rules and Rituals | The project investigates how the rituals of theatre can be used to portray the ritualism of spiritual machines. How do we use them to make predictions about an uncertain future? | More info: https://lacunalab.org/events/remote-rules-and-rituals ////// 16 February 8 pm to 16 February 9 pm | Sarah Hermanutz | Mind Blind Pathetic Sublime: Explaining The Pathetic Sublime to An Axolotl Audience | This lecture is a live-streamed Zoom performance from an unvisitable installation. Seeking comfort, escape, and clarity the artist will use whatever tools are at her disposal to finally help axolotls to understand the Pathetic Sublime. | More info: https://lacunalab.org/events/mind-blind-pathetic-sublime-explaining-the-pathetic-sublime-to-an-axolotl-audience ////// 19 February 5 pm to 19 February 6 pm | Fara Peluso | Comprehensive Thinkers for a Post-Anthropocene | A talk by the artist-designer Fara Peluso showing how art and design can be mediators between science and the public to build a collective memory. | More info: https://lacunalab.org/events/comprehensive-thinkers-for-a-post-anthropocene ////// 25 February 7 pm to 28 February 11 pm | Nayeli Vega Vargas, Thomas Heidtmann, Ambika Joshi | K(not) a Conversation – Communication through knots and AI systems | K(not) a Conversation is an installation exploring the concepts of artificial intelligence, creativity and labour. Inspired by ancient indigenous communication systems of Quipu knots, it instigates a communication and reflection process through the use of knots and AI systems. | More info: https://lacunalab.org/events/https://lacunalab.org/events/knot-a-conversation-communication-through-knots-and-ai-systems