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Mindpirates e.V.



A TEMPLE TO PLUTO, installative audiovisual performance, Jan 26, 20:00, 3€
Mindpirates channel ancient knowledge of the lost planet through an installative audiovisual performance.
Participating Artists: Easton West, Kevin Klein, Owen Roberts, Cy Iurinic, Dylan Warn, Pauline Doutreluingne and Emmanuel Pidré.
DECISIONS, Screening, Jan 30, 20:00, 3€
Screening premiere of works by FxLD, an artistic collective based between Berlin and Buenos Aires, presenting experimental animation, digital media and generative art. Works by Jose Jimenez, Lucas Gutierrez, Manuel Leyrado, Martin Borini and Emmanuel Pidré.
About the venue
Mindpirates is an international artistic collective uniting visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers and curators. Their projects and public art events are concerned with the role of art within contemporary culture and in interplay with sociology and ecology. Mindpirates are interested in cultural developments that foster new lines of inquiry, new artistic practices and new ways of interacting with an active public.
Following an independent, transdisciplinary and collaborative approach, they aim to promote the production and understanding of contemporary art practices, expand the reach of cultural agency and experiment with new forms of examination, cooperation and distribution.
The Mindpirates Projektraum is an independent art space and a curatorial platform for the collaborative production and presentation of artistic projects, exhibitions and critical research work. It is a meeting place for the exchange of thoughts and impulses through which to forge relationships with the guest artists and the public.
The Projektraum is Mindpirates’ creative headquarter, located in a remodeled former flour mill in Berlin Kreuzberg, presenting a diverse program of weekly artistic and cultural events. Mindpirates projects are characterized by multiple levels of active engagement with the guest artists, the site and audience. The process of artistic collaboration is an invaluable and crucial part of a project. The Mindpirates support and develop ambitious artistic vision, critical dialogue and original thought – and always welcome challenges.
Mindpirates Projektraum
Schlesische Strasse 38, 3HH

10997 Berlin