Vorspiel 2022

A citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals





The Vorspiel Collection brings together artworks, films, photo-essays, texts, graphs, images, podcasts, sound experiments, and more.

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Find some impressions of the 2022 opening here.


Our famous interview Staffette has returned! Watch this year's edition featuring a few of the participating spaces of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. The 2022 edition marks the 11th anniversary of our initiative and aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Berlin's independent project spaces and artist initiatives.

A look behind the Shared Frame streamed event for Vorspiel 2021 (pandemic edition).


How we got there and how important it was for Panke.

Essay Artwork

Postcards from the Metaverse speculates on the value of the popular 20th century medium – the postcard – in providing accessible and underrepresented perspectives on a newly- hyped infrastructure


Former transmediale artistic director Kristoffer Gansing applies a bit of home-grown numerology to reminisce about the secrets of Vorspiel!


The reSource network has been an extremely valuable resource in the process of establishing and running SPEKTRUM Berlin. It allowed us to connect with like-minded people in the city, to start up new collaborations, and to learn from those facing similar issues in running project spaces.


The essay summarizes the Czech-Brazilian cultural theorist and media philosopher Vilém Flusser’s ideas on the apparatus, codes, and programmed and manipulated society. He ends his texts by highlighting the importance of artists who might be able to play with and against the apparatus and challenge mass media and their preprogrammed functions.


From 2011 to 2014, Tatiana Bazzichelli and a team of others designed a sprawling event program called “reSource transmedial culture Berlin,” which picked up on transmediale-related projects and flung them far further.


Since 2013 designtransfer – the gallery and communicates interface of the Faculty of Design, Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) and the public – participates yearly at Vorspiel to present various projects as exhibitions, installations, and talks related to their New Media & Design courses.


Watch a digital interview Staffette with some of the participating spaces of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. The 2021 edition marks the 10th anniversary of our initiative and aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Berlin's independent project spaces and artist initiatives in collaboration with transmediale.



























Fri, 21.01.
17:00, silent green Installation

17:00, silent green Vernissage

17:00, silent green Installation, Hybrid Event

18:00, Zönoteka Performance, Vernissage

19:00, panke.gallery Exhibition

19:00, panke.gallery Exhibition, Performance, Installation

20:00, silent green Installation

Gelegenheiten Exhibition

designtransfer, Universität der Künste Berlin Exhibition, Online Event

silent green Concert, Performance, Installation, Vernissage

SoundsAbout Exhibition, Concert, Performance, Workshop, Installation

Sat, 22.01.

NoVilla Exhibition, Performance, Installation

Sun, 23.01.
12:00, Art Laboratory Berlin Online Event

14:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation, Hybrid Event

18:00, spektral-raumohr Performance, Vernissage

19:00, spektral-raumohr Performance

Mon, 24.01.
14:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation, Hybrid Event

spektral-raumohr Exhibition

Tue, 25.01.
14:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation, Hybrid Event

18:00, FEM*_MUSIC*_ Online Event

Wed, 26.01.
14:00, Vierte Welt Exhibition, Installation, Hybrid Event

Thu, 27.01.
14:00, VOOV H4MM Exhibition, Installation

19:00, ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics Exhibition

20:00, roam project space Concert, Performance, Online Event, Hybrid Event

synthesis gallery Exhibition, Performance, Installation, Online Event, Hybrid Event

Fri, 28.01.
14:00, VOOV H4MM Exhibition, Installation

19:30, GhostRaum Performance

20:00, Galerie Zeitzone Concert, Installation

Rainbow Unicorn Installation, Hybrid Event

Sat, 29.01.
12:30, TOP Transdisciplinary project space Workshop

14:00, VOOV H4MM Exhibition, Installation

Sun, 30.01.
14:00, Field Conspiracy w/ Etikett Radio Performance

14:00, VOOV H4MM Exhibition, Installation

16:00, Liebig12 Performance, Installation, Online Event

Thu, 03.02.
18:00, Solaris Vernissage

20:00, Vierte Welt Performance, Installation

Salon Oblique @ 8MM Bar Concert, Hybrid Event

Fri, 04.02.
12:00, Solaris Exhibition

19:00, Solaris Performance

20:00, Vierte Welt Performance, Installation

Sat, 05.02.
12:00, Solaris Exhibition

14:00, Noise from the Matrix Performance, Installation

16:00, Solaris Hybrid Event, Lecture

20:00, Vierte Welt Performance, Installation

Sun, 06.02.
12:00, Solaris Exhibition

16:00, Solaris Hybrid Event, Lecture

19:00 Finissage, Online Event

20:00, Vierte Welt Performance, Installation

Tue, 08.02.

VOOV H4MM Exhibition, Installation

Thu, 10.02.
18:00, Vilém Flusser Archive Performance

Sat, 12.03.
19:30, PITCH SHIFTING series at Kühlspot Social Club Concert, Performance

Mon, 31.01.
VOOV H4MM Exhibition, Installation

Liebig12 Performance, Installation, Online Event

Wed, 02.02.
TOP Transdisciplinary project space Exhibition



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transmediale x CTM x Vorspiel

Erikah Vabaliukas

Everything started in 2010 at CTM festival, which took place at WMF [1], where I worked at the coat check. I remember it was the first time I met CTM Festival co-director Oliver Baurhenn. The event was overcrowded, but I loved the evening, music, and all the people there. CTM was my favorite festival and WMF favorite club. Unfortunately WMF closed just shortly after that edition of CTM.

That same year, in summer, we got the key to Panke, and in 2011 we opened the door to our cultural space. It wasn’t easy to run the club, especially for foreigners who came to Berlin, could barely speak German, and had few friends in the city. We were always searching for support or advice, because we were not sure if we chose the right way – is Panke a place Berlin people would enjoy, and is it a kind of venue that this city needed? Time was passing, but “Wedding wasn’t coming”.

In 2012, transmediale’s art director Kristoffer Gansing wrote us an email requesting to rent Panke for transmediale’s private afterparty. I felt honoured and really very happy to get such a request. I thought it’s a good sign for Panke, it felt like we are going in the right direction if the transmediale crew noticed us and chose for their afterparty. That was the best opportunity to meet all the gang and to get to know each other. For me, It was one of the best events that ever took place at Panke. I also met Tatiana Bazzichelli for the first time, and she told me about the reSource initiative and promised to contact me and invite us to their first event/meeting.

reSource was a very interesting and inspiring project. I met a lot of interesting people who ran other venues or events. After the meeting, together with Art Laboratory Berlin’s Christian De Lutz we decided that we definitely need get-togethers like this in Wedding, at least once a month. We realised that such meetings are very important for people like us, because we all deal with the same problems and have no time to visit each other and share knowledge, experience, contacts, or advice. The next day we contacted Tatiana Bazzichelli and she was all in to support our idea. We met once a month over the course of nearly seven years. Together with other venues and cultural agents, we held lots of meetings and events, met a lot of people, and helped each other when help was needed.

Around 2017-2018, after we opened panke.gallery together with Sakrowski, the reSource network changed a bit. Transmediale claimed the name and the project, so we had to find a new name and concept. 21CC | Network for Hybrid and Digital Practices was born, and this was the end of reSource meetings. We still all meet at Vorspiel, though much less because the Covid pandemic forces us to meet online instead of in person. We should do something together again. I loved it!!

[1] WMF was one of the early 1990s clubs in Berlin and its first venue was in the cellar at the original buliding of WMF, the Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik" on Leipziger Strasse. The venue on Klosterstrasse in the former Telekomm building was the 7th iteration of the club where the 11th editon of CTM festival took place.

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